Overall assembly of members of credit union - is the supreme governing body that can decide on any matters of union.

The Audit Committee oversees the financial and economic activities of union. The Audit Committee is elected and accountable to the Overall assembly of the credit union.

Credit Committee  is a special body responsible for organizing the activities of credit unions. Credit Committee is appointed by the supervisory board and reports to the Overall assembly of the credit union and supervisory board and bear them responsible for the efficiency of credit.

Спостережна рада представляє інтереси членів кредитної спілки в період між загальними зборами. Спостережна рада підзвітна загальним зборам членів КС і в межах компетенції, контролює й регулює діяльність правління та кредитного комітету.

The supervisory board represents the interests of the credit union between general meeting. The supervisory board members accountable to the General Meeting of the COP and within the competence of controls and regulates the activity of the board and credit committee.

Credit Union Board is the executive body which administers its current activities. Board resolves all issues of the credit union except those that fall within the competence of other bodies. Board accountable to the Overall Assembly of the credit union and the supervisory board and organizing the implementation of their decisions.

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