Credit Union provides services to its members, and this procedure must pass the appropriate paying once introductory and required equity contributions. Their size - the same (fixed amount) for all credit union members who are its owners and users simultaneously. It causes a number of advantages of credit union over other financial institutions.

Management of the  Union based on democratic principle - the overall assembly, which gives the opportunity to influence its activity. Members of Credit Union "Narodna dovira" are persons, who lives in Kherson and Kherson region.

KS members have the right:

  • To read the Statute, the regulations, protocols and resolutions of the meetings of government.

  • To participate in solving all the activities of unions by voting (one member one vote)

  • To use all services provided by Union.

  • To elect and to be elected to the management association.

  • To have information about the status of their deposits on the activities of the union, its financial condition.

  • Make proposals to the governments.

  • Revoke membership in the manner required by the Statute.
Members of the Credit Union have to:

  • Comply with the requirements of the Statute.

  • Not disclose confidential information.

  • Promote a positive image of the KS.

  • Participate in the formation of the union property by paying the relevant fees.

To become a member of the union is easy.

Everything you need:

Becoming a member of our union you automatically get some advantages - personal approach, flexible credit terms, participation in various credit and deposit promotions and sweepstakes, loyal to the terms of service re-conversion, access to free consultations with financial, insurance, legal, agricultural and other issues.

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