Overall assembly

Overall assembly 2010

April 30, 2010 Credit Union "Narodna dovira" helded next overall assembly of memberships, which considered the reports of management and performance for 2009.
Governance reported on their activities and said that despite all the difficulties that predicted the credit unions of Ukraine and the negative experience of other credit unions, including Kherson, Credit Union "Narodna dovira" met its primary goal for 2009, namely preserve public confidence in, the field of membership and assets.


  Summarizing the results in 2009, Chairman of the Supervisory Board noted that the CU "Narodna dovira" worked as a clock, fulfilling all its obligations and did not stop providing loans to its members, unlike more powerful banks. By supporting us, you express your trust in institutions, and we do everything according to her not to lose.

Chairman Alexander Sinyuk, said that the union in 2009 gave a huge and invaluable experience in crisis, forced us to become other, more open and transparent, change and think anew. Who coped with this challenge, should grow and continue to work, make new steps to refine.

He also noted that credit and deposit policy was clearly balanced, so we could avoid the liquidity crunch, the leading cause of deterioration in the financial institution.



Important role in the stable operation of financial institutions played a professional level credit committee members. Team actions, specialists of the union decided many important issues, and this led to a union loan portfolio quality "- said in his speech the deputy head of credit committee Natalia Churai.

Ksenia Bakhvalova, audit committee chairman, in his introduction noted that the Audit Commission in 2009, worked in accordance statutory requirements and internal control requirements. She also noted that according to the audit firm conclusion "Rada-Audit", the financial statements are based on actual accounting data and the financial position of credit unions "Narodna dovira" as of 31.12.2009.


It was also considered the distribution of income after 2009 , approved the financial report, internal regulations, the statute was revised and implemented the rotation of control's organs.
At the end of meeting Chairman congratulate all members of our credit  union with getting licenses to attract contributions  of the credit union deposit accounts, and noted that this event at this difficult time - a real achievement and wished everyone good health, success and inspiration.

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