Dzerjinskiy, 45, Kherson, 73000
 (0552) 39-39-80; (067) 55-313-22;
(095) 43-038-88.

Schedule of the Union:
 Mon-Fri from 9:00am to 18:00pm

Outgoing -Sat, Sun and public holidays
e-mail -

dI34ihHylY0.jpg Every day, every minute, without exeptions, we:
  • make our services simple and clear to our members
  • take initiative to seek financial needs and offer them our professional advice fair and respectful to our allied member

Oleksandr Syniuk

Е.А..jpg Enlightened Financial depositor or borrower - always successful, and therefore successful and Union.
Chief Accountant

Elena Syniuk 


Only doing something unique for other, you can to feel an own unicity...

Manager on questions of regional development

Sket Svetlana

загрузка карты...

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