Dear farmers!
Express sincere respect and appreciation for your hard work and great contribution to the development of agriculture in our region.
Cultivation of agricultural products - is not easy task today.
Lack of information about new technologies, lack of quality seeds, fertilizer, and stable sales channels - not all problems faced by anyone who is dealing with the land.
Agricultural service cooperatives (SOK) "Agro Product of Kherson" will help you to solve all of these questions. This association of farmers whose main objective is to increase the profit of its members, by effectively marketing their products, as well as ensuring quality standards, grading, packing, storage and transportation of agricultural products throughout the market chain.


SOK "AhroProdukt of Kherson" offers its assistance in the implementation of agricultural products, providing advice on efficient processing of land, introduction of new technologies, purchase seeds, fertilizer, greenhouses and others. We can fully meet your business needs with our reliable partners.
Benefits of working with us are clear: we buy your products from the field, at market prices immediately for cash or at your request with the bank transfer, offer fertilizers, seeds at competitive prices, flexible system of orders, security and transparency in contracting relations.
If you are interested in information about further cooperation with the SOK  "Ahro Produkt of Kherson" send your suggestions or if You have ripe agricultural products, submit an ad .


Chairman of the cooperative
  SOK Ahro Produkt of Kherson "
  Oleksandr Syniuk.

Сommunication Coordinates of the SOK "Ahro Produkt of Kherson"
Address: 73003, Kherson, Myrnyi Boulevard, 3 off.
Phone: 050-603-85-83
Contact: Olexander  Syniuk

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